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Heets Creations (Apricity)


Heets Creations (Apricity)

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A handsome and delicious addition to the family of heets flavor is heets creation Apricity. It is a wonderful blend of woody and fruity flavor with traditional tobacco. The whole incredible blend gives you the velvety and the creamy finish that can’t be ignored. Its warm fruity aroma enhances the IQOS experience of the users. If you are thinking about finding a tasty alternative to the smoking cigarette, then you must not miss a chance to enjoy this amazing blend.

Most importantly, you don’t have to wait until you find the best online store to get the heets creation Apricity to buy heets for IQOS device. Heat tobacco shop is a flashing name that is providing its customers with the best IQOS products. Let’s have a view of the features that heets creation Apricity has to offer you!

  • You can enjoy each heet for upto14 puffs.
  • An incredible fruity and tobacco aroma that enhances the experience
  • The pack contains four different flavors that you can taste all in one pack.
  • Apricity, Noor, Glaze, and Yugen heets gives you the best four tastes all in one pack!

The wait is over now, shop from us, and gets all you need for your IQOS experience. You don’t need to search for different stores from where you can get the best IQOS heets to qualify your experience, for heat tobacco shop is giving the promising results of high-quality IQOS products all at reasonable prices.


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